FREE TRAINING – Activating Optimal Motivation at Work: 3 Skills for Leaders


In this webinar, motivation expert Susan Fowler will share the three skills for creating an actively engaged workplace by examining what leaders intentionally or accidentally do that either undermines or facilitates people’s intentions to perform beyond standard expectations—and sustain that performance over time.

Drawing from the design of The Ken Blanchard Companies’ new Optimal Motivation training program, Fowler will explore what leaders can do to enhance and develop every individual’s natural inclination to grow and excel.

You’ll learn about three skills that help facilitate people’s optimal motivation:

• Identifying an individual’s current motivation by exploring the   characteristics of six possible motivational outlooks.

• Shifting motivational outlooks through “why” questions, promoting mindfulness, aligning with values, and connecting with purpose.

• Reflecting and maintaining higher levels of motivation by examining well-being, considering key reasons for shifting or not shifting, and developing the skills to reframe any goal or task.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what leaders can do to create a work environment where people are self-motivated to perform at high levels, go above and beyond job descriptions, and work collaboratively toward common goals.

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Source: http://www.webex.com/webinars/Activating-Optimal-Motivation-at-Work-3-Skills-for-Leaders