Gadgetry in Customer Service


Mr Ivan Yordanov again has problems with his PC – his newly created audit report just doesn’t want to print correctly. Whatever he does, it is either crooked, cut off or results in neat blank pages. This is the third time he needs to call the support hotline, and, seemingly, they won’t be able to help him. Ivan is on the brink of giving up, but this time manages to get a second level support agent who actually knows the solution for his problem. So, after 4 hours of trial and error, the document finally comes out. All is well…until the next issue.

Now, imagine the same situation, but with the following reaction:

  • after the initial problem is found, Ivan opens his “Smart helper” program and enters the issue. It automatically searches for similar issues in its database, which is dynamic, not static, like most today, and 10 seconds later proposes changes in the settings to fix the issue. Ivan confirms and voila – the document prints out without hassle. This results in saved phone calls, increased productivity and better employee motivation.

New, smarter tools, that some find to be “gadgetry” in customer service will slowly but surely take over the support business, as their “knowledge” is way broader than that of even the best trained staff and with proper utilization, i.e. creating a callback ticket if no solution can be offered, they can bring about all the best for the customer while saving on costs.

Read the article below to learn more on the implementation of such systems.

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