Why a chat bot should be the next step in your Big Data project?


Chatbots are the new rage as more top brands are advancing the technology and integrating it into their chat systems. Big names such as Facebook and Telegram have already made moves in this arena by creating their own chatbots and chatbot platforms.

Artificial Intelligence allows us now to create chatbots that learn, almost much like the human mind would. A.I. would allow chatbots to access any piece of information available on the internet and respond to complex problems almost in the fashion that a real live agent would.

Some of the real benefits that chatbots will bring to the table is all about improving the customer experience. As mentioned above, chatbots are currently great as acting as assistants – whether that be a personal assistant that lives in your phone, or one that lives in your company’s social media platform, Facebook Messenger, or even WhatsApp.

People generally want to buy from other people, not robots. Using chatbots can quickly complicate this process.

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