Sharpen Your Listening Skills At Meetings


We all know that communication in meetings — especially virtual meetings — is often less than optimal. The number of questions, differing perspectives, repetition, and multiple points of view often creates a kind of static where it’s difficult to say what goals were furthered during the meeting time.

The Wall Street Journal indicates that people remember just 10% of the material imparted in face-to-face communications, of which meetings are a subset.

So, how can you improve meeting communication? Listen better. Margin Notes can also free you to listen more carefully to what people communicate.

Communication at meetings sometimes fails because participants pay more attention to their internal responses than to what’s actually said. 

It may be useful to implement a form of what the WSJ calls “RASA.” RASA is an acronym for

  • Receive

  • Appreciate

  • Summarize

  • Asking questions.

You can use also this.