You must be single minded. Drive for the one thing on which you have decided


I think in todays world we need more and more specialists tightly focused on one single purpose. This also includes businesses. If a business is not focused enough I think it will have a very hard time to compete. You simply can’t expect any kind of success when you only put in 80%. Splitting your efforts too much is the fastest way to fail.
And in order to truly create something valuable, maybe even something outstanding that can inspire others, you need to concentrate yourself at one thing at a time.

What if we decide that if we’re going to spend precious moments of our life on something, we’re going to treat it with reverence, wonder and respect?
What if every time we ate something, we gave it our undivided attention? Every time we talk to someone, we treat their words as if they were their last words?

What if, every time we open a website, we have only that website open … and treat it as if it were a sacred activity?

If we acted like this, every day, then our lives would be filled with mindfulness, gratitude, happiness.