Use Anger as an Opportunity to Grow


Anger may be a problem but know that it’s an essential part of being human and our emotional recovery. If you find you get triggered very easily it means you’ve integrated it more into your being than is necessary. But this doesn’t have to be bad. Truly see this an an opportunity to learn about yourself and your capabilities. Realise that it’s an opportunity to make a habit of drawing on your inner strength, create solutions to problems, understand others better and even motivate you performance-wise.

Anger doesn’t have to be so negative. Let it teach you to grow.

Learning to use anger is no easy task. Yet the alternative – letting anger use us – makes us prisoners of our own minds. Anger is not the enemy, and we’re not helpless in the face of it. It is only an energy – one that, with practice, we can harness for our good.

I realized that although I could use anger in positive ways, it was stealing my ability to be happy.

I knew I deserved to be happy again, so I reminded myself that I had a choice to let go every time my angry thoughts surfaced. Over time, it became easier to return to a state of peace and contentment.

You can choose to take advantage of the lessons in your anger, and then let the feelings go. Tell your anger that you’re too busy making the best out of your time to allow him in your life for long!