A career is a marathon, not a sprint


Ambition – the drive and determination to succeed – is a key asset in business, but if it is not pursued in a disciplined and structured way then the risks to your career can far outweigh the benefits.
Chill. When we are younger we tend to be impatient. As you get older you realize there is no real rush. Life and the careers we pursue to fill it and pay the bills needs to be approached on a long-term basis. If you sprint you will wear out or start to resent work that you previously enjoyed. Allow yourself time to breathe and grow. Things will come if you work hard and allow yourself time to get good at things. Always rushing only leaves you empty, and tired. It is fine to give yourself permission to take some time in the slow lane with the hat people. You will find yourself seeing things on the journey that you didn’t realize were there.
Instead of rushing into a career, take the time to let it find you through self-exploration, travel and diverse immersive experiences. I know firsthand that life experiences can be the stepping stones that lead you to a career you are truly passionate about.