Here are the people to give 90% and 10% of your time to


1. Extremely grateful people- grateful people typically have a big market who trusts them and ENJOYS being around them. The biggest earners in Php today that are growing exponentially are the most grateful.

2. Move at the speed of direction- once you give them direction they take action

3. Pleasing personality

4. Hard working

5. Constantly wanting to learn

6. Asking specific questions

7. Wanting to be around you to shadow everything you do

8. Zero excuses

9. Could be facing challenges in their personal lives but no one would know it

10. They’re extremely competitive – prior sports or military background

Here are the people to only give 10% of your time to:

1. Never kept their word

2. Know it all

3. Blame every loss or set back on someone else

4. Constant trend of excuses or reasons why they couldn’t keep a commitment

5. Only showed up when they felt like it

6. Victimhood mentality

7. Self pity

8. Selective hearing- I would recommend an article or a book to read and they would only internalize the area that they agreed with.

9. Surrounded with small thinking complainers

10. They turned every small issue into a crisis

Before trying to push people or motivate people to win, first find out if they’re truly willing to do the work.
Once I learned this concept and got better at picking who to invest my time into, everything changed.