FREE TRAINING – The Leader’s Role in Creating an Engaging Work Environment


Employee engagement is at an important crossroads.  After years of engagement surveys, organizations are finding that improving employee engagement is a lot more difficult than measuring it.  Leaders have an important role in creating the conditions that allow employees to perform at their best.  In this webinar, Bob Freytag, Director of Consulting Services for The Ken Blanchard Companies will look at three ways that leaders can help improve engagement scores in their organizations.

  1. Improve Communication.  Learn how to build trust, set goals, and provide feedback in a way that builds employee confidence, competence, and commitment.
  2. Improve Collaboration. Learn how to break down silos between different work units to support teamwork and accomplish work objectives.
  3. Provide Support.  Learn how to identify employee needs, access resources, and empower employees to take responsibility for their individual roles and tasks.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leaders looking to solve complex business issues, achieve measurable results, and develop leadership capacity to improve productivity and performance.
  • HR and OD professionals focused on the design, management, and strategy of learning and development in their organizations.
  • L&D decision makers evaluating learning programs and leadership models that build values, skills, and competencies that help people and organizations lead at a higher level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn actionable strategies that you can use in your organization and with your team immediately.  Improving engagement scores requires a team effort.  Learn about the important role a leader plays in creating that type of environment.

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Source: http://www.webex.com/webinars/The-Leaders-Role-in-Creating-an-Engaging-Work-Environment