Free webinar: The Future of Leadership in the Hybrid Digital Workplace

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We invite you to join this Gartner hosted webinar!

September 07, 2021 5:00 p.m. EEST
Live Webinar 1 hour
Discussion Topics:
  • What’s different and what’s the same for leadership in the emerging “hybrid” working world
  • Enhance and amplify relational skills, and become more visible and deeply human
  • How leaders can become greater coaches, facilitators and change agents

As the workplace becomes increasingly digital and hybrid, today’s leaders must adapt to enable their people to thrive and perform to drive their personal success. Leaders must become coaches, facilitators and change advocates. The workspace has shifted into the home for the majority of office workers across the planet, but before the pandemic, remote working represented approximately 5% of working practices. We now enter a hybrid working world that must incorporate remote, hybrid, and office communities. This complimentary webinar will help leaders make the necessary adaptations to enable success with very different ways of working.

Hosted by
Matt Hancocks,
Sr Director Analyst at Gartner

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