We have a question for you: have you ever wondered how people see your company or products online?

If the answer is yes – here is the right tool for you!

Today we live in a new world, where Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are mandatory media-share places for all products. We have to present our products online in order to gain new markets and to access more customers worldwide, we cannot afford to be ignorant of the power that the social networks have over our business.

Years ago you could read an article about the businesses that have made successfully the leap from offline to online. Back then it was all about having a good web page and web analytics tool attached to it, but these times have long passed.

Now we have to focus on the social networks and that means that we have to know what people want, how they perceive your product, what they comment about you, why they like or dislike you, what they propose or request from you, even their feelings and emotions. This is the global feedback related to your business collected from all the social networks worldwide.

We’ll be asking again – do you know who has the most innovative social media analytics tool available for you to use? Yes, you got it right… we have!

Meet “STRIVE”!

Our tool uses cutting edge technology like machine learning /or AI/ in order to browse and process all mainstream social networks and find all comments, videos and profiles that are related to your product …  and this is just the beginning.

We can offer to analyze and evaluate every single one of them. We will process millions of comments and bring you the essence in well organized graphical format. Easy to understand and process it shall boost the decision making process of your R&D and advertising departments.

If you wish to know more, please feel free to contact us and to understand more about our work and how it can be applied within your company.

Please contact us at strive@outsource.bg