Catalyst vs Nourishment factors

Catalyst vs Nourishment factors

2018-02-05 | Business

  • Catalyst factors are events and structures that help people make progress at work. Setting clear goals and giving people resources and support to meet those goals are examples of catalysts. THE POWER OF PROJECT SUPPORT - HOW HELPING YOUR EMPLOYEES TO DO THEIR WORK BUILDS A CULTURE OF ENGAGEMENT AND HIGH PERFORMANCE

  • Nourishment factors tend to see employees as human beings. Getting to know them, showing respect, and offering emotional support are a few ways to offer nourishment. THE POWER OF INTERPERSONAL SUPPORT - HOW FOSTERING POSITIVE HUMAN CONNECTIONS DRIVES PROGRESS AT WORK

    You nourish a persons inner work life by recognizing good work, providing encouragement or offering emotional support. You might also engage in conflict resolution, facilitate people getting to know each other or simply let them have some fun.

    All of these things lead to team members experiencing positive emotions such as joy, pride and happiness. They then become motivated to contribute to something wonderful. Over time the positive inner work life responses lead to superior performance.

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