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Europe-wide Staff Augmentation

We provide support and on-demand staff on a project, hourly or contractor basis to suit the needs of our clients.

- Flexible workforce
- Pay-per-hour possibility
- Full utilization with minimized cost
- IMACD services

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IT Services

- Infrastructure and network engineering
- System design
- International integration and deployment
- Product configuration & onsite installation
- Project Management
- Technical support helpdesk
- Technology rollouts, updates and migrations
- Asset audits, tagging and recording
- Asset redeployment and removal
- End-user Application
- Cloud computing set-up and support
- Azure setup and support
- Intunes MDM

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Technical Support

Remote support with dedicated ticket logging system (mobile and desktop apps) 
– multi-lingual phone, chat and mail support
- On-site engineers for technical support, maintenance and repair services all over Europe
- Hybrid support utilizing innovative technology solutions
- 24/7 availability upon request – BCP support
- Flexibility in response to your specific requirements during project rollout

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Project Management and Implementation

- Project planning and management
- Scheduling management
- Customer documentation and reporting
- Pre-delivery configuration
- Rollout and testing plan development
- Verification and testing
- WFM services
- Engineer disposition

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- Video tutorials
- Post-implementation end-user training
- Usage and deployment of LMS systems
- Creation and ownership of training programs
- Language and technical skill assessment framework

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Process Optimisation

- Business Process mapping
- Business Process redesign
- Business Process automation
- Industry best practices
- Implementation using COPC standards, Six Sigma Methodology and Lean approach
- Continuous improvement

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Smart process

We focus on process optimization and continuous improvement by utilizing lean methodologies, waste removal analysis etc.

What is also important is a clear process definition using base technologies, i.e. automata, thus enabling a broader scope of discussion and analysis not only on a technical level, but also from an end users' perspective.

We propose hybrid solutions to projects involving nearshore and onshore operations for cost optimization whilst maintaining management transparency and quality metrics. For example, we have customers where we have "smart techs" onsite to service their hardware, whilst the remote support is located in Bulgaria, all integrated into a seamless process to ensure zero downtime in production.

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Smart systems

Utilizing our software development portfolio combined with our hands-on experience, we develop systems reliant on ease of use, automation and, above all, preventive guidance.

We do this to avoid a mistake from the beginning of a process, rather than having to correct it afterwards. Implementing machine learning removes repetitive tasks from our employees so they can focus on the important parts of the process.

We have developed the "Process of Things" so that each item can be part of a process, regardless if it is connected to the Internet or not, utilizing unified tracking, merging data in containers and enabling analytics of big data in real-time.

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Smart management

We offer highly customized and flexible management solutions, for example providing backfills for management positions in key projects to ensure operational targets are met consistently. 

We also have hybrid leadership positions which can also act as contractors for the clients, who shadow the team they are going to lead as well as act as a team-member before being onboarded, so they can identify ways to improve the teams' motivation and performance while also setting realistic KPIs.

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Smart communication

We are flexible in our communication methods and timings – instead of having only scheduled regular meetings we also use triggers on decision-taker meetings, coming from automated reports or live onsite feedback.

This ensures that there is no delay in taking action and provides a realistic view of the current results.

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Smart techs

Our onsite engineers are what we call "smart techs." The idea behind this is that when going to a customer location, especially when visiting for the first time and having a given time to resolve the customer request, engineers do not always have all the answers at hand. Thus, we have enabled them to communicate with L3 techs remotely through VR, and discuss any challenge they face. Following the process RCA time drops and first touch fix ratio improves significantly. This approach avoids multiple visits as well as delays on tickets and improves customer satisfaction, while at the same time giving more confidence to each engineer that he is well cared for and always supported.


Those same techs also provide hypercare to customer locations, especially after migrations of new hardware and software systems are completed, frequently visiting users and pro-actively asking about feedback and any room for improvement or challenges they see worth sharing. Thus, a smooth transition is ensured at all times without stressing customer IT as well as management while also maintaining live communication with all project points of contact at all times.

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Smart training

We all know knowledge is beneficial to every employee. Therefore we have scheduled sessions and ad-hoc modules using schedule and volume forecasts to utilize employee occupancy.

Those are based either on training content developed for the specific position or short "bursts" with practical situations requiring the interaction of the employee and giving feedback based on real-life experiences gained by the company.

We also lead numerous engagement and upskill training sessions for students like the MAC-Academy at the Technical University in Sofia. Sessions are focused on training students whilst also showcasing real work-related cases and evaluating trainees for future deployment projects

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Smart careers

We have a biased approach regarding recruitment and we always start with developing existing employees into senior positions based on their experience and results in the company. This is done through continuous training, but also by using job shadowing techniques. We also recruit new entry-level employees through our partnerships with several universities, as well as through career fairs or the Internet. A good example is the German Faculty of the Technical University Sofia (FDIBA), for which, as partners, we have donated hardware for a whole laboratory so that the students can use the latest technology whilst studying. We also employ different temporary project work opportunities, which are interesting especially for students.

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Requests for support are always answered promptly, and any problems are always resolved promptly. The expertise, as well as the will to support, is excellent from our point of view. It should also be emphasized that the proposed solutions always try to protect the interests of our company.
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The IT support is in direct contact with our employees, whereby the very good service is very much appreciated by the colleagues in the company. The performance of the IT support staff is consistently rated positively by our employees. This in both a professional and a personal sense.
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With OutsourceBG IT problems can be solved quickly and effectively and all technological aspects are communicated in an easily understandable way.
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