Have “Compressed” Days and “Uncompressed” Days

Have “Compressed” Days and “Uncompressed” Days

2018-02-05 | Business

This is a strategy I’ve found incredibly helpful in terms of finding blocks of time in which to get lost in the flow of things that I really care about.

To put it simply, I have “compressed” days in which I fill basically every waking second with what I call “life management”–the tasks that aren’t really very fun but are necessary for professional employment and day-to-day life. Laundry. Dishes. Work. Paying bills. Cleaning.  All of those kinds of endless things.

The “uncompressed” days serve as an incredible motivator to get me through my “compressed” days. I might be tempted to just kick back for a while and not do much of anything in the evening on a “compressed” day, but if I do that, I’m directly sacrificing time that I’d set aside for the big hike this weekend or for a Sunday afternoon curled up and getting lost in a book.

Rather than spending some time each day “unwinding”—which is time basically spent not really doing anything—I try to pack some days so full of little tasks that I basically don’t “stop” for the entire day.

It really works :)

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