How To Build Strategic Goals

How To Build Strategic Goals

2018-03-13 | Leadership

Too often, people give up on their dreams because their goals seem far too unattainable. For example, those living on a low income could dream of becoming a millionaire, but quickly give up on the idea as they believe that it is simply impossible.

But, is it? Many low-earning, average people have beat the odds and become hugely successful, even famous. Each of these people has one secret in common: A successful mindset.

Take a moment to really think about yourself and the way in which you approach things. Do you quickly give up on goals that you deem impossible to reach?  Does the idea of working for a long period of time to achieve a goal fill you with feelings of dread? Are you quick to give up if something doesn’t happen soon enough, or do you have the patience to wait and persevere? If like many people, you prefer instant or at least quick gratification, setting smaller goals to build up to one, the main goal is the best strategy for you. Setting small, achievable goals as ‘building blocks’ to a larger achievement is a method for success that works immensely well for many people. This method allows you to break down the amount of work that you need to do to achieve your goal into smaller, more manageable portions. Rather than setting one goal of ‘start a business’, setting a number of smaller goals which, by achieving each one, will eventually prepare you to become a business owner can help to put things into perspective.

Dividing your goal into multiple, smaller and more easily achievable goals is often one of the best ways to achieve success. But, in order to attain the end results that you want, it’s important to have the right strategy. Making sure that you set the right goals which will lead up to your end goal is hugely important. For this reason, this goal setting task is definitely not one which should ever be rushed.

The more thought and effort that you put into designing and setting your goals, the better your end result will be. For example, if your main goal is to buy a home, don’t just set yourself savings goals. Instead, set goals that cover everything that is needed to eventually purchase a property – for example, this could include improving your credit limit or even researching areas to live. Once you’re finally able to buy a home, you will find that the more you have achieved beforehand, the easier it will be. And, let’s not forget that the more you consciously decide to do, the better programmed your subconscious mind will become.

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