The four effects of insight on the brain

The four effects of insight on the brain

2018-04-10 | Entertainment

When a person comes to his or her own insight regarding the solution, the brain and behavior of the person who had that insight can change in four key ways.

The desired outcome of most change conversations is that an employee becomes engaged in a new action, becomes smarter about a specific challenge, gets on board with a new strategy, or increases his performance by embarking on a new approach to his work. In each case, a new idea needs to be easily recallable, and this idea needs to be something the employee is motivated to engage in, ideally becoming the basis of a new rule for how to behave.

Having an insight systematically changes the brain on both a temporary and lasting timescale.

Insight gives an idea LEGS - it guides one to Learn, Engage, and Generalize, thereby causing a long-term Systemic change in the brain.



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