How to become a successful digital project manager?

How to become a successful digital project manager?

2018-07-09 | Leadership

The sheer volume and variety of available digital tools are simply tremendous. Whether you are looking for something to help you manage your marketing campaign, improve or speed up your writing or content creation, or expanding your audience, you can rest assured that there is a tool out there for it. But, apart from helping you tackle problems, they are also there to make you more productive, and to automate some of the tasks and action. Your average user is using digital tools on a daily basis (Facebook, Gmail…), and businesses should be no different if they are serious about remaining profitable in the future.

Digital project management has broken away from the mainstream project management culture and become a strand in its own right. Every “branch” of project management is a little bit special.

If you work in an agency or on web and digital projects, 2018 could be a breakthrough year for you. There are many resources out there gaining in visibility, and an industry crying out for experienced professional project managers.

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