By slowing down you actually move faster

By slowing down you actually move faster

2018-12-12 | Business

In a time where everything seems to evolve faster and faster, it is easy to get stuck feeling that we need to hurry. All the time. But, be aware: If we haste too much and are constantly in a rush, it is easy to make mistakes and lose the long-term opportunities that lay ahead. In the middle of stressful situations, we tend to forget that we can actually increase our speed dramatically if we first slow down a bit.


Potential time you save in rushing, you end up wasting in mistakes made during haste.

Those mistakes made conversely, end up wasting more time than you even anticipated to save.

There is something to be a said about a man who can exert patient grace in the face of ‘pressure’. It’s not that the man doesn’t feel pressure, it’s that he doesn’t succumb to it. He understands ‘pressure’ and ‘time’ are man-made concepts that can only disrupt you if you let them. Regardless of the chaos surrounding his mind, he acknowledges it, breaths with it, and makes peace with it.

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