No one can argue with a demonstrated proof

No one can argue with a demonstrated proof

2019-03-06 | Leadership

Win through your actions, not words.

How often are our words misconstrued? This happens very often through online communication. Many aspects of the art of communication are lost when you’re talking through a phone or computer compared to face to face. Tone, energy, eye contact and emotional connection are some of the many subtle modalities that are lost.

Nevertheless people want to talk — we crave to be heard. People want to talk about their goals, they want to talk about what they’re going to do, where they want to go and why they want to do it all. If I come back to you in 6 months and I don’t see you’ve done any of the things you said you would. Well now you’ve lost integrity within yourself AND respect from your peers. You’ve tried to win through words and argument instead of actions. Subsequently you have lost big time.

“When aiming for power, or trying to conserve it, always look for the indirect route. And also choose your battles carefully. If it does not matter in the long run whether the other person agrees with you — or if time and their own experience will make them understand what you mean — then it is best not even to bother with a demonstration. Save your energy and walk away.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re right or not. Most of the time, especially when arguing, people can be stubborn, and we ALL think that we’re right. The harder you argue, the more you offend the person and their intellect, and the harder they resist.

However, if you chose to demonstrate your ideas instead, the easier they’ll accept you and your point, because how can anybody argue with “demonstrated proof?” They will able to see what you mean, right in front of them, and they won’t be able to contest you. It takes a little bit more than tact to pull this off, but when you do fine the right move, you’ll be able to communicate your point most effectively. It’s a win-win situation: “…no one is offended, and your point is proven.”

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