Chaos and Order

Chaos and Order

2019-09-20 | Leadership

These are primal constituents that are necessary elements to the interactions that mold the world around us. One of them is chaos, another one is order. The third is the process that mediates between the two. Some modern people call this, consciousness.

When there’s too much order, or too much chaos, components of your personality can manifest into self destructive harmful outcomes.

So how do we mediate between two of the most important constituents in a human’s experience, order and chaos? How do we integrate ourselves between the two harmoniously?

Order, by contrast, is explored territory. It’s the structure of society.

. . .
But order itself, when pushed too far, when imbalanced, can also manifest itself destructively and terribly.

I’m someone who enjoys the comfort and security of order a lot. It makes me feel secure, safe, and calm. There’s no anxiety when I have order. But,  order is not enough. You can’t just be stable, and secure, and unchanging because there are still vital and important new things to be learned. This is where chaos comes in. The ignorance is chaos. The not knowing and learning is chaos, challenging your beliefs like he is doing to me, and like me, hopefully, I am doing unto some others. It is, in short, all of those things and situations we neither know nor understand.

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