Why should contact centers invest in technologies?

Why should contact centers invest in technologies?

2021-01-15 | Other

During a crisis, company and employees have different goals. Employees aim to keep their pay and work and the company is going to cut costs to keep the business and try being more efficient. For instance, it may decide to reduce the working hours and keep all people, or temporarily reduce wages. If this is discussed on time and the reasons are clearly explained, it will be fair to the employees and they will understand the motives for this decision. This will make it easier for the company to get out of the difficult situation and avoid potential staff issues.  

Many outsourcing centers hesitate to spend on new tools and technologies. Most of them believe that till something works, it should not be touched. But no matter how good the performance of your agents is, they can always be better by helping them a bit with technologies.

Despite of the fact that improvements are related to investments, when these new innovations are activated, they pay for themselves.  Here are some of the investment’s reasons:

Better service


Customer relationship became important factor for success or failure. The more a business focuses on customer experience, the more loyal customers would feel towards the company. Calls are more effective when you manage to create a friendly bond with the customer.

Existing modern ERP solutions provide detailed, structured data needed for the agents’ daily tasks. (e.g., customer details, history). Additionally, thanks to IVR systems and skills-based routing functionality, customers get paired with the agents best trained to help them right away. The result is reduced transfers and increased resolution scores within the first transaction. Here is an example of a guide for ERP buyers.

If you want to offer customers great customer experience, you will need a modern and efficient contact center that supports your service team. Combining multiple communication channels, the omni-solutions CRM systems are nowadays a must for the business. Integrated and synchronized with ongoing projects, meetings and other essential tasks these programs help track and monitor any upcoming activities. For example, the app will alert you in advance via email if you have a call scheduled with a valuable client, meeting reminders will be pushed and project milestones will be highlighted.

Increased efficiency


Good contact center instruments provide managers with the opportunity to keep an eye on the success of agents. They can listen to every call and if necessary, give the agent some advices on how to handle the complaints better. Examples of excellent service can be identified by observing transactions and listening to recorded interactions. Best practices and approaches could be presented to the rest of the team, so that inconvenient moments with the customers could be avoided and better customer support to be provided.

The best BPO providers have advanced technology, that gives their clients and agents an advantage. Call centers equipped with the best communication devices and software do not miss the chance to optimize every customer interaction.

The more information about a customer, the more opportunities to sell or correct errors. You will be able to spot the where the interest of the customer lies by checking his buying habits. So, the next time you launch a similar product, you can inform your clients. The advantage is that you will be able to increase sales without having to constantly advertise to new customers. This is a possibility to capitalize on your existing customer base for more sales.

Investing in accessibility and security is another hot topic quickly prioritized with the COVID-19 pandemic. If you can access the system remotely, you can work from anywhere. One can work from home or from a mountain hut - very important advantage nowadays not only for existing employees, but also granting access to a new pool of available talent.   

Improved internal communication and attract employees


Nowadays new modern offices, of competitive companies on the market, are a common thing. Buildings situated close to public transportation, offering parking options as well are appreciated by employees. Interior designers are commonly being involved in the setup of the floors, so that people feel well at the office with enough space and recreation options for everyone.

If your employees are happy at their working space, they will transfer that energy to your clients  while supporting them through the various communication channels.

Office is not everything that makes people stay within a company. There are other more important things like the team, culture, environment, reputation of the brand etc.

Technologies help for a better communication within the company. The sharing of customer data between different internal departments will help you work as a team. This will boost the profitability and enhance the service.

A software solution will allow your agents to perform well beyond simple handling of complaints and providing answers to queries. It will help them provide a personalized service that will help fostering a customer relationships culture within the company.

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