The REAL reasons employees stay in a company

The REAL reasons employees stay in a company

2021-02-16 | Leadership

No matter what industry you’re in, it is vital to know what your employees think and feel about your company and about their positions.

Most of the times when an employee leaves the resignation reasons given to the HR department are related to salary, but in reality, there are things that could keep a person despite the higher renumeration, offered elsewhere.

Here are our suggestions for why an employee would choose to stay with a company and some tips on how to achieve them…

Being part of a team


It is good to be part of a team, as it means working for a shared goal. People need to feel that they all have a common understanding and are part of something unique. Empoyees are more likely to stay, when they feel that they are part of something bigger. They don’t want to leave and abandon the colleagues – because they feed good and know their role is important and valued.

Tip: In order to strengthen the office culture, organize some team building activities. It can encourage your employees to feel part of the team and build the ties between them.

Supportive leadership/strong manager

The most significant reason. Be a real supporter for your staff and help them grow. A “bad manager” is one of the key reasons why workers quit. People have different definitions for “bad”, but most of them complain when the manager does not hear their feedback. Having a good supervisor is an important reason for stay. Leaders need to be role models, so that their attitude and culture could be passed to the whole company.

Tip: Always be honest with your team and do what you say. Trust in your employees and they will trust you.

Mentoring program


People must be encouraged to learn every day. Mentors are there to offer advice and assistance during your time and help you go where you want to be in the future. By constantly learning and having someone to call upon for advice, you feel free to ask for help.

Tip: Require your employees to learn and help them do this. This makes people feel like they are improving without the need to find another role.

They believe in what they do, because it makes sense

When people feel respected and important, they are more likely to be happy with their occupation. When employees see that they bring benefits to the company, they stay for many years and really care for the business. They are interested in what the company does and want to contribute to its success. It is not possible to make anyone excited about something, so it must come from the employees.

Tip: Passion cannot be taught, but it can be impacted by a great society, a coach, and a great team.  If agents don’t see results from their work, help them understand what needs to be corrected.

Career growth, learning and development

The level of commitment to the organization is one of the key elements in the intention to leave. Commitment is directly related to opportunities for development, so by offering training you are gaining dedication to your company. Agents who have the opportunity to develop and acquire new skills, will not leave.

If you've recognized the talent, strive to promote and develop new managers from inside. In addition to formal training opportunities, consider coaching for personal development. Coaching helps to develop high morale and improves efficiency and productivity.

Work from different places


With the current set-up most of the businesses operate from the comfort of our homes. Someday this will change and some of the employees will be willing to return to the office. Many employees though will be expecting some of that home office option to remain and will require to work from home. “Home” of course could be any place with stable and secure internet connectivity allowing employees to perform their daily tasks. During the winter “home” could be the capital and spring and summer at the seaside or in the mountain resorts.

Tip: Think about the hybrid approach towards working form the office and offering flexible options for the employees to work remotely.

Believe in the company’s mission and vision

Many people who stay longer than one or two years, gradually begin to attach themselves to the work environment and to the vision of the company. For example, if you work for a car manufacturer, we could assume that you are interested in the development of transportation and in particular electric cars, or sports cars etc.

So employees stay, when they believe in the mission and vision of the company. Usually the mission is related to increasing profits and efficiency, but there could be other important points - improving the quality of life, digital development of society, social commitments for unequal groups. Therefore, it is very important to share your vision and values with your employees.

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